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Rossia Organic Cosmetics

Photo: Nikita Popov / RBK

Photo: Nikita Popov / RBK

The Russian Court ordered the blocking of the IHerb web-based organic cosmetics site. The order was issued as early as November 2015, but only at the end of May was users complained about the blocking

The United States IHerb online store, which deals with the sale of organic goods, has been placed on the illicit resource register, as evidenced on the agency ' s website. The site was issued on 27 November 2015 by the Nikolaev District Court of Ulianov province. Information on the blocking of the portal also appeared on the Boxberry delivery service website, which works with iHerb in Russia.

The Court recognized the information posted on the iHerb site prohibited for dissemination in Russia. Information on the possibility of purchasing and importing U.S. foodstuffs (orems and berries) into Russia was prohibited. " The Court considered that the site lacked data on their safety for the health of Russian citizens, as stated in the communication on Boxberry.

The request for the blocking of the iHerb portal had been brought before the court by the Prosecutor of the Novospas region of Ulyanova province of Grigory Lazarev, followed by a court decision which the BCRC had provided to representative Boxberry (a confirmation of the authenticity of the document in the court ' s office at the time of publication of the BCRC material was not possible, the court server was temporarily unavailable). The paper states that " prohibited information directed to an uncertain circle of persons, the sale and import of foods that pose a danger to the consumer due to lack of information on their safety for the health of citizens " is disseminated on the shop ' s website.

The Court points out that the sale and distribution of such products in Russia entails administrative liability (articles 6.3, 6.6 of the Code of Criminal Procedure) and also constitutes the basis for criminal prosecution under article 238 of the Criminal Code (producing and marketing goods which do not meet the requirements of security).