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Organic Decorative Cosmetics

By maximizing the flaws and underlining the dignity of the decorative cosmetics, we often do not wonder what is part of it. And the lipstick and the lip glacier are in our system, as are the food. Day after day, we put on the face a thin cream, shadows, purple and other cosmetics that not only overburden the skin of the chemistry, but also, in the interior, they're rigging over time. Mineral oils, silicons and parabenes, which are part of virtually all means of decorative cosmetics, are not only enemies of our skin, but also pose a real threat to our health.

That is why Natura Siberica, together with the Labophyto (Italy) Natural Space Laboratory, developed a new, fully certified ECOCERT (France), an organic series of decoration cosmetics.

Is she a SAT?

All cosmetics are at least 95 per cent naturally originated. At least 10% organic ingredients.
That's why. Natura Siberica cosmetics Certified organic cosmetics are recognized by ECOCERT.

Is she safe?

Formula do not have components of health hazards and beauty such as dietanolamide, parabenes, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), penocseethanol and refinery products and PEG.
Natura Siberica is a cosmetics created by the highest standards of the world ' s quality of natural and organic cosmetics in order to emphasize your identity and natural beauty.