Домашний шампунь для сухих ломких волос - натуральное питательное

House Shampoo For Dry Hair

мойкаSimple prescriptions of natural shampoos that can be easily prepared household

Nowadays, the store shelves are installing goods for hair care. We used to use champoo, air conditioners and hair balsams. Almost no one thinks that the shampoo can replace natural means, and the properties of the " sympathetic " shampoo can largely exceed the characteristics of the store. There are a lot of wonderful people's hair-care tools. Most importantly, they can be easily and simply prepared with their own hands in the home. In this article, we offer you a series of recipes for natural hair shampoos that you can do yourself.

Natural shampoo recepts

Iron champ.

You're gonna need two egg yellows to make a yellow shampoo. Look at your hair, spread the yellow mass through your hair, and wipe the yolk in the roots of the hair with the masses. After that, clean your hair with warm water.

Yellow oil shampoo

Mix 1 yellow with a tea spoon of olive or castor oil, put a mixture on your hair and put your head in two to three minutes. A mixture like this would be good for dry hair.

Hot champoo

Seize one cattle spoon in two liters of warm water. Smoke your hair. Don't forget to massage your head skin. On average, you have to make 20-30 mass movements. Hot champoo is the best for fat hair. He removes the glazing, after using that means, the hair is slower.


100 grams of fresh or dry leaves of the plant by one litre of water should be poured to make shampoo from the shrapnel, and a half-litre of ukesus should be added, and a half-litre of dried mixture should be added on a small flame of about 30 minutes. We need to heal and add two or three glasses of this stuff in the water pelvis. You can wash your hair.

Yellow shampoo

To make a gelatin shampoo, you need to mix one dining spoon of any champoo, the dining room with a false blade and one or two yellows. The mixture needs to be weighed and wet hair. In five minutes, your hair needs to clean up warm water. Such a shampoo contains many proteins. After such a protein cocktail, your hair will get a beautiful and alive view.

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Hello! Hello! Please tell me the perfume is an eternal problem, it's not that big, but it's still not pleasant. I've tried the medicinal champoo "Dermasole" but no effect! How do you defeat her? And she's still losing her hair, not in a lot, but still. ♪ ♪