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Greasing It's often exhausting: they've cleaned their head, made a beautiful hair, and literally in 24 hours, they're already stunned, shrivelled, and they can't talk about hugs and speeches.

Still, specialists are quite optimistic: it turns out fat hair is much easier to cure than weak, broken or dry. It is only necessary to know how to treat such hairs, to take care in time, to observe non-complicated rules and to use special means.

Firm hair

Why are your hair fat? In fact, the fat are not hair, but the skin of the head is because of the elevated seduction of the gland. Of course, there's no gland in the hair, but it's got all the hair follicles.

How does fat spread throughout the hair, and why doesn't it stay at the roots? The fats are so easy and quick to form a thin tape. Okay, a glass bottle of oil, if opened and used, can become fat very quickly, even if no one spills oil. The skin salon is so spreading through the hair, as if it leaks it by covering the tape.

The appearance of such hair is very unpleasant, and I don't want to touch it. But for the hair itself, it's not as bad a condition: they, like fat skin, are much better protected by leather from adverse external effects. Cosmetologists consider fat skin less vulnerable to early ageing than other types.

However, it does not consolate - the appearance and structure of such hairs seem unattractive, and you have to wash your head every day so as not to have trouble communicating with other people - just like the champoo ad. It may appear that frequent washing solves the problem of fat hair, but it is not.

Like washing fat hair.

Trichologs are specialists in the treatment of head and hair leather and recommend that the head be washed not often but regularly using only special means. There's no way to wash fat. hair champoo.intended for other types, since the sedition of steel only increases.

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