Чем нужно мыть волосы?

House Champoo For Fat Hair

Домашние шампуни для волосAny girl or woman understands that the beauty of hair depends a lot. Uh, shiny salmons look good and they're jealous. According to scientists, the composition of the hair shopping shampoo includes dangerous ingredients that not only care for their hair but also spoil them.

It should be noted that these shampoos are designed only to purify the hair from the accumulated dust and skin salad. The departure that the cosmetics have promised us is not part of their functions. That's why taking care of the skin of the head and hair in general falls on our shoulders.

Домашний шампунь для жирных волос с горохомIf the blades are always fine, you should know the recipe for your type of hair. Of course, with time constraints, we can use a shopping shampoo, but it's best to cook it alone.

Recipe No. 1 - Domestic greasy hair champoo

To prevent the appearance of leather and fat glazing, ordinary peas will help.

  • - 100 grams
  • room temperature water - 100 or 200 grams (depending on hair length)

Smash the peas with a comb or a cup of coffee. Wear the powder on the night. In the morning, the mass obtained is uniformly distributed in the hair like a normal shampoo. Hold half an hour, then clean the water.

The hair will purify the fat, become silk and smooth after the first application. They're making champoo once, keeping a mixture undesirable.Натуральный шампунь для окрашенных волос с медом It can be used on a daily basis, there are no indications. The only peas should be used only when the hair is really fat, Because the dry from the nature of the locoon, he'll dry more.

Recipe No. 2 - Dry shampoo hair

The composition must include ingredients that do not dry the dry roots of the hair and the skin of the head. For example, yellow and vegetable oil (castor, lion)

  • egg yellow - 1 grand
  • butter (what is in hand) - 1 table spoon
  • lemon juice - a few drops

All ingredients need to be mixed, hairdressed.Домашний шампунь для нормальных волос с бананом The mass needs to be left to drink 10 to 15 minutes, then clean the water. A few drops of conventional, purchased shampoo can be added to this shampoo to get a pen and make it easier to spread in the hair. But the means must be transparent and have a neutral PH level.

Lokons will have a healthy view, easy to lay. Champoo can be used every day or as necessary. There is no evidence.

Домашний натуральный шампунь для сухих волос с маслами Натуральный шампунь для роста волос с горчичным порошком

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