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How To Make A Shampoo

Trifoliatus mouses are a beautiful tool for washing the head and body.
In this article, I will not go into detail about these nuts, their usefulness, etc. That information is full of the internet and you can find it in our article on mouse nuts.

I would like to share with you my prescriptions, which make the use of soap nuts more easily and also save time. The first recipe that the manufacturer offers is quite simple in preparation, but requires you to prepare the shampoo immediately before:

Recepta 1

A small fraction of Trifoliatus powder (remote soap nuts) will shed warm (most hot) water to the consistence. Example flow rate for short hair - 1st.l. The powder and 2-3 st.l. powder for medium or long hair. Tightly interfere and let the cooling (continuing) be about 10 to 15 minutes. If you don't have these minutes, you can use it immediately after preparation. The mixture needs to be haird and wait 10-20 minutes. In my own experience, it's not necessary to do so that soap nuts can be used as a normal shampoo: to carry and clean. It also works, and hair gets clean. You'll have to be very careful not to get caught in the eye because you'll be pinned. If that's what happened, you need to wash your eyes with water.
After a while, it'll be all right.

Recepta 2

I love that prescription.

By champooing about 1, 5 litres, you'll have it for a long time and you won't have to cook and wait every time. She's got a shampoo in the fridge for about two to three weeks.
All you have to do is get him if necessary and use it!


* Soapnuts (Trifoliatus - 100g)
* Traces (Take the ones you have at your house. Hair grass:
Brick (low hair), Romashka (light), root of Aira, Kalandula,
Chereda (if you have a femur, potion, sedition, sedorium, psoriasis, etc.)
Any weed from your beauty armor will fit.

* Xantanium Camedume (Principal damper, can be neglected at any soap store).
* The leather flour can act as a stunner, as well as a good hair. You can find it in any low-cost food store.
Conservant (organic). This paragraph is not obligatory because if you shampoo for yourself and keep it in the refrigerator, you don't need a conservative. You use 1 litre in a month and the shampoo won't be able to ruin.

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