Учимся делать гликолевый пилинг в домашних условиях. Все от и до

Glikole Pyling In The Home

Гликолевый пилингThe glicon piling is perhaps the most popular and common form of superficial piling today. A few years ago, a glycolary pyling face could only be ordered in cosmetics clinics and beauty salons. But with new cosmetics, gliconic pyling in the home has become available to every lady who wants to look awesome and fascinating. You want to know how to do this right? Keep reading!

Why and how pyling glycol acid works.

Before we go to practice, let us figure out what is, in fact, a glicon piling and, in what cases, it should be applied.

после 6-8 сеансов гликолевого пилингаSupernatural pyling glycolic acid appeared in the arsenal of cosmetology relatively recently in the 1990s. It is then that the pharmacologists of leading companies producing products for the bouti industry have learned to use natural aha-acid solutions for skin rejuvenation, some of which have a special place for glycolic acid.

Alpha-hydroxic acidsaha acid or α-Hydroxy acids) - 14 organic hydroxic acids that are well dissolved in water. The most common are glycol, apple, dairy, lemon and wine. Glycolic Acid contains a large quantity of sugar cane and immature grapes. In clean, laboratory form, it is a colorless crystal with a persistent smell of caramel burn.

Glikole pyling is a beautiful tool that will help restore the skin to youth and freshness.

The uniqueness of glycolic acid is that its molecule (C2H4O3) is the " short " among all molecules of fruit acid. It is therefore free to enter the deepest skin. As a result, the development of its own elasticine and collagine is intensified.

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