Гликолевый пилинг: отзывы, результаты, особенности

Glikole Piling At Home

Пилинг гликолевой кислотой в домашних условияхPiling glycolic acid in the home - home instruction

The main element of quality care for his skin is the piling of his face. Because of him, skin purification, removal of the horn layer of cells, aesthetic transformation. The procedure is usually carried out in the salon or in his home, in the absence of money or time. The picture before and after the glicon piling.

Content of the article:

Piling faces at home is a very common practice. Completed funds may be used or prepared on their own. Although the pyling kit is now easily purchased. Such products are offered not only in pharmacies and cosmetological stores, but also in conventional supermarkets. Most importantly, when selecting a pyling set, rely on the composition, duration and reputation of the producer.

Пилинг гликолевой кислотой в домашних условиях - инструкцияGlitter piling. Specificities of the procedure

Up to a certain time, glicole chemical piling was exclusively in cosmetics. Women now have access to this procedure in domestic settings. Enough to buy. Special funds with glycolic acid and follow instructions.

Special features of the glicon pyling procedure:

  • The recovery period after the procedure is of no duration because it is affects the upper layers of skin only
  • This type of pyling is used mainly in spring time for weak and deprived skin vitamins.
  • The gliconic acid has soft effects on the skin, returning its natural colour and freshness.
  • The base of pyling is glicolic acid available in fruit acid.
  • Piling is the normalization of hyalulonic acid leather to reduce the risks of deformation, humidification and re-establishment of the leather exchange process.

Процедура гликолевого пилинга Пилинг гликолевой кислотой Гликолевый пилинг - советы Пилинг гликолевой кислотой в домашних условиях

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