дома сделать пилинг лица

How To Make A Pyling At Home

Набор для гликолевого пилингаChemical acid pylings are becoming more popular because of their extraordinary properties: they resin the skin, equat the wrinkles, remove scars and shirts, remove leather pigs, springs and other ineffects. The use of fruit acid is excellent for this purpose. Typically, such pylings are made in beauty salons under the supervision of an experienced cosmetologist. But there's the most pleasant of such procedures, a pyling glycolic acid that can be made at home.

Glicolic acid

This acid refers to alpha-hydroic acids or, in other words, fruit acids. In nature, it's contained in the cane and invisible berries of grapes. The gliconic acid, also called hydroxyuxus, is well infiltrated through the protective barrier of epidermis because it has a small molecular mass.

Usually glicony pyling at home with low acid solution (5% or 10%). This procedure has a superficial effect, i.e. the pyling only removes the threshold cells of the upper leather.

More concentrated acid (up to 70 per cent) is used in cosmetics. It is not possible to use her house because without a professional cosmetologist, it is impossible to take account of all the skin characteristics and to correctly select the time of procedure.

Piling demonstration

The following are recommended for gliding:

  • If there are postcards, traces, deepening and stains left behind by dust, heat and inflammation;
  • The skin is uneven, there are wrinkles;
  • Pigment stains or too large springs are present on the face;
  • There are scars and shirts;
  • The epidermis layer is too fat;
  • The scales have been expanded and there is a strong salon;
  • The skin has lost elasticity.

If you don't have the above-mentioned signs, you don't need to make a glycolpying. It should be noted that this procedure is not entirely free from deep wrinkles or scars, but it will make them significantly less. Failures will not be so visible on the face.