Глубокий пилинг в домашних условиях: особенности и правила

How To Make Deep Piling In The Home

On the skin surface, lethal cells are scattered which, with dust and underground salad, obliterate the pores. This state of epidermis leads to its rapid intrusion, weakening tone. Piling is capable of fighting this, the procedure for listening to the upper layer of skin. It can be done on its own, because the piling of the face in the home is as easy as the beauty salons. It'll only take to buy a special instrument or an acid cream that'll get off the face.

What way to pick a pyling?

The procedure is based on enhanced skin regeneration to create a new layer. It starts right after the drug is used. A suitable person can be selected at the address by means suitable for domestic use. There are the following types of pyling:

  • laser
  • Chemical
  • mechanical
  • ultrasonic

You can do anything. pyling faces in the home under conditions where necessary. Because the solution depends on the skin characteristics, it is not desirable to connect ingredients from the home alone. Secure and effective pyling can be done by trained professional staff.

What are the conditions and rules?

The procedure is based on the following conditions:

  • 1-2 times per week for surface procedure and 1 times per month or per year for mid-point pyling (dependent on vehicle composition)
  • Heated rash, herpes, inflammatory pimps, dermatites pyling are not performed
  • Chemical pyling means the use of acids; the composition for its skin type should be properly selected
  • pyling is based on the skin sliphon of solid microbes; it is important that the length of the procedure be accurately respected
  • The most regrettable is ultrasonic pyling with massage (a special device is required)
  • In the summer, only a superficial chemistry house pyling should be used; the midnight should be postponed to intersex, deep pyling in the home.


The proper preparation of a person ' s pyling at home is as important as the procedure itself. For the beauty of the body, the pyling of all the skin is made. However, women are often confined to the obedience of the skin of the person and the area of decolt.

Council: If a decision is made to disobey the skin of the entire body, the scrub should be bought for the body, not for the face. We also need to follow the instructions.