Химический пилинг лица в домашних условиях, рецепт приготовления

How To Make Pyling Faces At Home

How to make a pyling face in Piling's home environment will improve your face's color at a moment. The use of piling is not more than 1-2 times a week. More frequent skin purification in such a cardinal way may have a bad impact on skin - it will lose its natural protection. Location, knees, soles can be reduced more frequently.
With dry or normal skin, use scrub once a week. Fixed or mixed skin may be subjected to this procedure a little more frequently. It is generally recommended that the means be refrained from using a sensitive skin or with a strong heated rash. However, once a week, you can carefully treat scrubbed, sparkling skin to clean the pits and prevent the fallout.
Piling creams are wetting. When you take a warm shower, tidy round motions cream, then you can use warm water.

Piling masks can be successfully produced from household products. Like soap effects, the smallest parts added to the mask - e.g. sea or river sand, salt, almond cuts, fragmented eggshell shells, act like the thinest silk and mechanically remove the horns. We're putting in some effective and accessible masks for skin heating.

Float two table spoons of pepper in the water bath (to avoid high medal temperatures), remove the fire and, a little chill, add lemon juice 1/2 and 1 table spoon to the honey. The warm mixture shall be placed on the face for half an hour and then carefully washed with a large amount of warm water. The mask is perfect for the clean skin, feeds, refreshs and illuminates it and regenerates it through cuts.