Фруктовый пилинг для лица в домашних условиях отзывы — Завод Адмирал

Fruit Pyling At Home

household Pygmental stains can be removed by means of grass, fruit juices and bleaching medical equipment. Some skin care tools need to be applied with great care.

Most of the female representations are faced with brown spots on the vector, boreholes and the area around the mouth after 30 years of ageing. The situation is exacerbated by hormonal violations, internal diseases and others. In most modern beauty parlors, visitors can offer a peg-free service. Such stains can be removed at home.

It is necessary to prepare for a long process that requires an integrated approach. One or two procedures won't be able to return the colour of the face. In order to level skin tone, regular care must be taken for 3 to 4 months, using slacks, lotions and masks based on grass, fruit and vegetables with bleaching effects.

Pigment control should start with skin purification. This is an important step that should not be ignored, because only a literate face will remove the epidermis layer from the skin surface and penetrate the lower layers of the derma by reducing the appearance of pigments.

bleaching scrub
I've proven myself a bleaching scrub based on almond and lemon.

We should:

Half-stack of almonds

1 St.L. juice

1 St. Kefir

How to prepare:

Half a glass of almonds need to pour water and leave it for a while. After the water, pour the soft almond through the meat cut, add lemon juice and kefier. Put the composition on the face of round motions, with special attention to the swings and wash in five minutes.

Piece mask
To increase leather elasticity and reduce the pigmental stains will help the pear mask. Fresh green should be wiped out and the casician should be put in trouble. In half an hour, get warm water.