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Chemical Piling At Home

Pilingom (or scientific, ecfoliation) is referred to as a procedure that results in comprehensive leather treatment at different levels of tissue formation, using tools and medicines.

  • Deep, medium and non-deep pylingi differ in exposure
  • Place: body pyling, face, specific skin areas (including leg pyling, hand, back, etc.)
  • By type of exposure to tissue, the pilings are divided into physical and chemical.

Chemical pyling responses are usually the most important. These methods are used much more often, costly, and show a good result, both after all the procedures and after a single clean-up. It is not surprising that among women of all ages, the pyling of chemicals is very popular, both at home and in cosmetological rooms. But what is it? Himming face And how does it affect skin cover?

такой пилинг стоит делать только в клинике

This procedure is the treatment of tissues by various chemicals, mainly acid solutions, with a view to eliminating the deadly epithelium, deep cleaning and regeneration processes in cells. Oxygen leads skin to extraordinarily state, causing shocks in individual cells, resulting in the self-removal of the particles, the existing cells recover, starting to produce glycose-aglycane and collagine. In the complex, all these actions lead to the acquisition of skin, turbulence, natural colour, elasticity and a pleasant appearance. It will be difficult to achieve such results in a mechanical way.

Chemical piling funds are chosen relatively safe, but at the same time effective. Most often acids are:

  • Retail
  • Trichloroux
  • Petrol
  • Sails
  • Fitine
  • Azelain
  • Fruit or Alpha-hydroxic acid (bag, lemon, glycol, wine, dairy)
  • Coyoya
  • Benzoy and others.

Given that these drugs are not neutral, the procedure is still recommended in salons.