Химический пилинг для лица в салоне. Отзывы, фото до и после

Chemical Pyling For Face

Piling face is more cosmetic than plastic. It aims to improve the face ' s skin, achieves the effects of the stretch, removes springs and other pigments, removes small wrinkles, shirts and ears, improves colour and skin deformation.

Depending on the method, the pylings are different: chemical, glycolic acid, phenol, fruit acid, trichlorouces, enzymes, ultrasonic and mesopyling. Depending on the depth of the chemical factor, the chemical pyling may be deep, medium and surface.

The chemical phenol is used for deep chemical pyling. The great feature of the deep ping of the phenomenon is a longer recovery period, but it gives the best result. Pigmentation is one of the shortcomings of the deep phenol pyling, which is the result of skin irritation and takes place after some time.

The chemical pyling is effluent with the deep wrinkles, which is why it's called. It does not have such express leather pygmentation and a recuperation period shorter, but its effects are lacking for deep wrinkles. One species of memorial chemical pyling is trichloroxacetic acid. It's considered the safest of all the other kinds of piling.

Micropiling is one of the most piling species, as it affects only the smallest wrinkles. It does not have a residual temporary leather pygment and does not have a recovery period.

Deep chemical pyling

One of the most popular forms of deep pyling is phenol pyling. Fenol is a highly aggressive substance that affects the surface layers of skin, so the deep pyling has its advantages and minus.