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Light Piling Face

Today, this is one of the most common services offered by cosmetological clinics in Kaliningrad. What is this procedure? The chemical piling of the face is the removal of the highest layers of leather epithel through special, cosmetic low acid solutions. Such acids are used to rejuvenate the person, pigmentate, update the skin, reduce the size of small wrinkles and other skin defects, including rubies, ankne and its effects.

The modern pyling market offers a huge choice of this kind of acid for this procedure. This may be a separate chemical, for example, gliconic acid or trichloroucesacetic acid, or may be a combination of acid. Depending on skin efficiency, acids and acid cocktails, acids are divided into three groups. First: light and minimal impact on patient skin. Second: medium and, third: deep is the greatest effect. We'll figure out these groups for more detail... ♪

  • Light and medium
    Alpha-hydroic acid, for example glicole, dairy or fruitic acid, is used for light, surface pyling. To achieve the best results, alpha-hydroic acids are used on a weekly or high interval basis. The intermediary shall be produced with trichlorouxacetic acids more and more refreshing than alpha-hydroic acids.
  • Deep
    Phenol is the most powerful type of pyling. It is used to rectify deep face wrinkles, to smooth the wrinkles around the lips and chin areas, to correct the shirts. Felony procedure is very painful (with anaesthesia) and possible multiple side effects. Your lecturing doctor, based on your skin condition, will provide you with an acceptable influence and the best combination of chemical acids.

Procedure and effect

The pyling procedure is carried out only in the doctor ' s office. Deep pyling requires anesthetic, but lighter forms generally do not require pain. The procedure itself takes about 15 minutes and then requires one to three weeks for recovery. The number of sessions is individual for each patient. From the line of all possible MediDerma meds, the following are in our center.