Фруктовый пилинг лица в домашних условиях. Красота и польза

Fruit Piling Face

What procedure is capable of being cleaned, cured and shining without injections and machines? Of course, pyling is chemical or fruitic acid. It not only removes the superficial epidermis layer, but also contributes to reducing inflammation, narrowing enlarged times and overall skin improvement.



Aesthetic cosmetology has different kinds of piling, but most popular: chemical piling, ultrasonic and fruit pyling (with fruit acid).

Pilings are run by the HydroPeptide (U.S. Hydropleptide) network. Their combined composition consists of dairy, glicole, salicial, azelain and various fruit acids, and vegetable stem cells and enzymes. The innovative feature of the line is peptic complexes that change the skin structure at the cellular level.

HydroPeptide Pillings (Hydropeptide) are selected invisible for the patient, depending on the desired effect:

  • Anti-age therapy. Intensive crystal pyling with vitamin C and intensive resenting pyling. A set of lame peptides, oxygen crystals, barrel cells of apple, vitamin C and natural oils - refreshs, bleachs, drys and reinforces skin, scatters the wrinkles, equals the tone, protects and feeds cells.
  • For troubled skin. Powerful pumpkin piling (4 species of peptide, pumpkin ensemble, mead, bassley extractures, fruit acids) - calms, silences, removes flanges, deepens the pores.
  • Anti-strip care and update. A gel with extra blacks, three types of peptide, almond and dairy acids and vegetable stem cells calm and ease the skin, remove the inflammation, equalize the colour of the face.

How is the procedure

  • Consultancy. The doctor diagnoses the condition of the patient ' s skin, learns about chronic illnesses, allergic reactions; determines the most effective form of skin purification in this case.
  • Procedure. A means of softening the horn shall be applied to the pure skin. It is followed by a suitable chemical or fruitic acid product. In the SM-piling, the skin above the special solution is treated with a scrubber sludge. The procedure for the use of tonic or acoustic means shall be completed.
  • Feels. After bleaching and pluging, hemorrhaging is increasing, there is little paint and a slight leather swelling. Fruit face, in response, the most cherishing skin, after it becomes thin and healthy.