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We're not going to open anything new, if we remind you of the need for caring and body, cleaning and humidation, especially in the most intelligent period of the year, when we want not only to look at all 100, but also to preserve the humidity of the skin under the thick rays of the sun, to give it freshness and health, to improve the texture, to stimulate circulation, and to clean up the accumulated dust. Isn't it?

With a lot of these problems, you'll be able to handle clean and wet for you. persons and bodies

Scrab is good or bad?

  • Scrab is an extremely useful means of caring for our skin. It contains solid abrasive particles - synthetic granules, mild fruit bones or fibres, shells, cuts, minerals, etc. It is under these particles that our skin is free from dead cells, fat compounds accumulated in dust and dirt. Of course, it would be better if the scrub consisted of natural natural natural substances, not synthetics, which could cause skin irritation and even an allergic reaction.
  • Don't forget that the frequent mechanical impact on the low skin may lead to a reverse process rather than an improvement of the appearance. In fact, the obsolescence of extra particles occurs naturally, and the scrub only helps to free the skin from microcheeks, rather than performs this function instead. For example, the use of scrubs more often than twice a week stimulates basic layers to more frequent cell splits, resulting in accelerated skin ageing.
  • Also, the use of scrub depends on the individual condition of your skin. If you have excessive dryness, cracking, waking and annoying, the frequent use of scabs may cause harm to skin, for example, trauma, skin drying, or lead to an outbreak of inflammation throughout the face. So we need to use the scrub, but with caution.
Скраб в домашних условиях Скраб в домашних условиях Скраб в домашних условиях Скраб в домашних условиях