Невская косметика Крем Оливково-глицериновый 50 мл

Hand Cream


Hands with smooth, soft skin and beautiful, careful legs are a necessary complement to the image of an elegant and secular woman.
Our website presents a highly effective and safe natural cosmetics for caring for the hands of the Planeta Organic. Our body cosmetics are a whole line of hygienic and curative means for the care and recovery of hand skin. The natural elixirs contained in our creams provide intensive skin feeding by vitamins and micronutrients.

Barhat and soft hands with natural Hand-carrying cosmetics Planeta Organica

Since there's almost no iron on the skin, she needs special care.
The organic cream for the hands of the Make of Planet Organic has easy consistency and has a highly effective effect, which ensures:

  • :: Deep meals, humidity of the soft skin of the hand;
  • Rapid recovery of sieves, cracks, wounds;
  • • Protection of skin from bleaching, UV radiation, exposure of chemicals and temperature overturns.

Planeta Organica ' s natural hand creams are composed of irreplaceable amino acids and fats, which are gradually rehabilitating the lipid layer of hand, mitigating it and irritating. With Planeta Organica's silicon, it's a real pleasure.