Натуральная косметика для лица рецепты - Натуральная косметика для

Natural Cosmetics For A Person

The wrong choice of cosmetics is the worst enemy for your face's beauty. The multiplicity of chemical compounds, which contain many chemical compounds, may well lead to a wide variety of negative effects: anaes, allergic rash, and sometimes different dermatites. Problems such as invisible black spots, hard-core pores and super dry leather are also unreasonably affected by miscarriage. Clearly, prior to the beginning of any type of skin care, it is necessary to identify its individual characteristics and to take into account its age and lifestyle. In addition, a cosmetology can be approached and a small diagnostic can be conducted to detect allergic reactions.

Basic care for skin

Based on your skin condition, you can pick that one. Natural cosmetics for a person that fits you. To date, basic care is divided into the following main types:

  • Wetting. It's not only necessary in the cold time of the year. Wetting is the basis for beauty and healthy skin, supporting its water balance. ·
  • Defensive. It'll fit for age skin and for those who want to get rid of the first signs of ageing.
  • Pharmacy. It is necessary to saturate skin with active substances, especially for dry and vulgar skin.
  • Regeneratives. Means that can influence cell renewal processes.

You are free in your choice: the functions listed above may have both cream and mask, and lotion, and special gel, as well as serum, flus or flyid.

Means of skin: making the right choice

Of course, the first thing you need to draw attention is the time of manufacture. Another important factor is under what conditions it can be kept at home. Active substances, even with very good resources after some time, are beginning to collapse, and by the end of the storage period they are likely to become sources of different negative skin reactions.