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Natural Cosmetics Are Ugly

It's for Spirit! Invite all the subscribers to our page in the Contact, share this publication, to participate in the pranks of natural soap-shamps for normal, dense and fatty hair - "Big crown." The winner will determine the rand, Friday, 31 March 2017. All CIS countries participate, delivery to Belarus is free of charge.




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Romashka improves hemorrhaging, disinfects, takes off the inflammation, strengthens the roots of the hair, stimulates hair growth. When used regularly, it makes hair healthy, brilliant and silk, reduces perchotomy.

Air helps to strengthen the roots of the hair and reduce their fall, fights the feather and skin whisper, stimulates hair growth, makes hair bigger.

The shelf reduces the irritation of the head's skin, prevents the hair from falling, promotes growth, removes the femur. Removes fracture and dryness.

The root of the rupture stimulates hair growth, removes the inflammation, carries an early recovery, gives the hair glitter, makes it smooth and silk, strengthens the salmon, fights with peppers and soda, helps to restore hair after decorations and chemical envys, fat acids protect and humidize, prevents hair loss.

Olive oil helps keep the moisture, feeds, regenerates the secluded ends of hair, fights the feathers and decays the hair, pulls the hair, protects it from external influence, makes the hair shiny.

The honey feeds and strengthens the hair, humidizes, reconstructs the hair structure, restores the secular ends of the hair, increases the bleeding and increases the bleeding. hair, strengthens the roots of the hair, prevents them from falling, makes their hair shiny.

The grape bones prevent falls and stimulates hair growth, reduces fatty, removes irritance and micro-frits, reduces hair fracture, fights feathers, reinforces the roots of the hair: prevents the emergence of secular cones.

Kalendula is drowning and improving skin and hair, improving regeneration, ridding of fatty and dryness of the head, stops hair, makes hair shiny and removes secular ends.

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