Selective Professional Профессиональная косметика для волос

Natural Cosmetics For Body And Hair

  • Italian trademark GUAM for caring for hair, face and body (anni-cellulative means for clotting), helium and cream for men;
  • Ukrainian TM " VIGOR " offers cream, serum, tonics, scrubs, souffles and face masksbuilt on natural oils and a whole series of hair care;
  • The French Xeno Laboratory provides us with care products for both the weak and the strong half of humanity.

We also wish to mention other producers, such as:

Looky Look is a wonderful choice of organic cosmetics for body and hair care (not containing SLS). The developers focused their attention on the natural concept before exploring consumers ' wishes that environmentally sound products were a way of life. There are no similarities to these products in Ukraine.

Bishoff manufactures products for hair, body and face. You should draw attention to their diversity, as we have nutrient, regenerative, relaxing creams for the face, whipping, body tonics, mitigating, humidizing and cleaning. They are all based on organic and natural products.

Organic Life is a relatively young company that has proved to be one of the best. It produces various cosmetics based on vegetable oils, beetle juice, sugars and amber acid. The company delivers us soap for a bath, hand and leg care, champoo and hair balsam.

Marquell is a cosmetic company whose uniqueness is the existence of a child series. Who, as a non-loving mom, will be looking closely at the composition and quality of the product? All care series are based on their own quality and unique raw materials, additional components for which they are commissioned from leading suppliers around the world.

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