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Natural Cosmetics Of Prescriptions

Домашняя косметика и натуральные средства с лекарственными травами. СПА It's good to go to the garden in summer sunday. The warm air mixes different aromatics: rose, laundry, mint, monarch, pion, rosemary... Useful substances and aromatics of beloved plants can be carefully preserved and used in domestic leather care, in SPA cosmetics, in the economy, and as unique gifts made by their hands.

Applicable. Domestic cosmetics and natural cosmetics Nice to meet you. They are safe and effective; you always know what they are. Creating home cosmetics with your hands., it can be added to those plants and ethers that you particularly like and suit.

Households from gardened medicinal plants and shower grass: formulations for caring for hair, skin and mouth; bath and shower cos (SPA); relaxing and good sleep; treatment inhalation; perfume; laundry and cleaning materials; and dairy chimneys and other plumbs for house and office;