Красота и уход - натуральная домашняя косметика

Natural Home Cosmetics Of Prescriptions

Масло какао часто используется в изготовлении домашней косметики

Home against purchase

Clearly, there are very good lip balsams on sale. The advantage of home-grown cosmetics is that you only use the most High-quality natural components and you can give your lip balzam your favorite aromat and even taste. The product is of the highest quality and is costly (as opposed to the purchase of cosmetics of the same level) and your lips are soft, wet and similar! And, of course, we can't forget the joy of the experiment, which is presupposing the result. Moreover, if the final result is not impressive, lip balsams can always be altered by adding something or changing consistance.

Do you know that lip balsams can be placed on sections of a particularly dry, bleak or whispering skin on their face or hands? And on the elbows to mitigate rough, dry skin (this is better to do right after skin treatment).

Prepare lip protection baths in the home very easy. With the necessary components and dishes, it takes only 15 minutes.Домашняя косметика по уходу за губами. Бальзам, блеск, скраб From "unusual" ingredients for the cure bathlam, you may need a bee or lanolin, everything else can be purchased in a pharmacy and a supermarket. lip baths can be cooked in a water bath, short runs in a microwave oven, or right on a conforum in a small metal tank (potholic, merchant). As a package for a ready lip plasma, use a tube or a bow from a used purchase product or small plastic containers for the carriage of cosmetics in the salon of an aircraft sold in pharmacies.

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The lip balsam consists of solids (pine wax; vein wax - lanolin; solid vegetable oil - caritas (shi), cocoa) and liquid components (liquid vegetable oil - olive, grape bone, avocados, hargan, almond, castor, coconut, coconut, sibolic, and seed). Use air oil, vaniline or food drip for lip balsams, food additives (limon, aldal etc.) for taste. We can add vitamin E, copper, aloe juice and other wet and nutrients to the lips.

Домашняя косметика по уходу за губами. Бальзам, блеск - расплавление масла какао Масло ши - ценный ингредиент в домашней косметике Процесс приготовления домашнего бальзама для губ. Бальзам на водяной бане Домашний бальзам для губ с маслом облепихи

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