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Уход за лицом Dr. Hauschka''The man has two kinds of beauty, internal and external.'
Elizabeth Ziegmund

The touches that penetrate deeply but also respect individual boundaries. Slow touch, which, however, leaves behind. Can the care of a person actually give a positive impetus to skin and organisms as a whole?

Elizabeth Ziegmund, founder of Dr. Hauschka's cosmetic mark, developed the idea of such an unusual face care procedure in his 'Salon of beauty' in Stockholm.

"A person is the first person to be seen in a person's perspective. '' That thought and openness for new ideas were led by Elizabeth Zigmund to develop her own ways of taking care.

Dr. Hauschka's cosmetologist's exit procedure begins with an aromatic foot bath. The stress of the day is dissolved in warm and caring care. With an intrusive attention, the cosmetologist touches the client with smooth, rhythmic movements. Heart care is a lymphatic stimulus, which cosmetologist conducts soft motions of whistle and soft hands. This stimulates liquid processes in tissues and human regeneration and recovery. It removes the stacks, removes the slags and thereby strengthens immunity.

Clearance is, of course, part of the procedure and follow-up of the person through the use of Natural Space Dr. Hauschka and detailed care counselling for both men and women.

Dr. Hauschka ' s classic exit procedure leads to deep relaxation and leaves a sense of pronunciation to light, light and internal equilibrium.

Rhythm is a key element in the cosmetic procedure of Dr. Hauschka.

Our skin keeps its own rhythm: For example, surface skin cells are updated every 28 days. The skin is different in the day than in the night. In the daytime rhythm, she's active as a system of protection against external influence, in her night rhythm, she's rebuilding herself. Dr. Hauschka, whose cosmetologist purifies and cures the skin, supports these rhythms and stabilizes his own skin activity, for example by night care without fat.

Dr's cosmetologist left. Hauschka stimulates the fluid flows of the whole organism and gives skin and organisms generally regenerating pulse.