Домашний отшелушивающий скраб для сухой кожи лица с эффектом

Surface Squad

House masks for the dry skin of a whispering face

Dear readers, today on my blog, I have an article for everyone with dry skin, not just dry, but whispering. The problem of skin dryness on the face is probably the problem of most women. Looking at this kind of skin face under a giant increase, it looks like the Sahara Desert. A huge number of horns are on the skin. They don't step away, the skin doesn't get wet, we need to help her. That's what we'll talk about today.

There's probably a lot of unpleasant retraction that can often occur in the cold time of the year when the steel glands almost stop their work. The skin can paint and start whispering. And at another time of the year, in the wind, the sun requires careful care. It's all discomfort. Nature comes to help. Recipes with accessible ingredients will be provided below.

ATTENTION! Means of copper are not recommended for people with sensitive skin and skin prone to red (alergic, obsolescence) and masks themselves need to be tested for allergy.

It's important! Don't forget the simple advice for everyone, and who has a dry skin type especially: you have to drink simple water for a day. Not less than 2, 5 litres of water, not including tea, coffee, compots, soups, etc.

Range oil is the best dry skin Home

The best way to deal with skin dryness is to use vegetable oils as a face mask. For this dry skin type, the best face cream is a vegetable oil with a high measles of 3 non-sewed acids. They're not in sunflower oil. The best butter that is for these purposes is a lion, and then there's rap and red oil. I've already written on my blog about the use of lung oil for health and worsening. Pay attention to what oil you buy. There's a picture of the oil we've been using in our family for a long time. Read about everything in the articles of the Use of Lung oil and the Light oil for the deterioration.

How do we use vegetable oils for dry skin?

To the purified skin, make oil thin layer. Call attention to the thin layer! There must be no excess of oil so that the drip on your face. Don't forget the decolt area and your pens. It's just for me to use these hand oils. I'm a musician, my hands are my card, and my skin is dry. And that light massage with hand butter, which, among other things, solves many problems.