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Skin Renewal

Строение кожи человекаThe skin is tissue: elastic, porous, waterproof, anti-bacterial, sensitive, which can maintain the heat balance, protect against the adverse effects of the external environment, provide fat, protect skin, produce smelly substances and recover (regenerate) and absorb some necessary chemical elements and avoid other adverse effects, protect our species.

pH human skin 3, 8-5, 6.

There are about 5 million hairs on the skin surface. Each square centimetre of the human skin has an average of 100 times and 200 receptors.

четыре слоя кожи: роговой слой, эпидермис, дерма, гиподерма (подкожная жировая клетчатка)Since cosmetics can penetrate deeply, does the cosmetics go to dermas?

According to the laws of most countries, only external action can be a cosmetic. This means that no cosmetic additives shall reach and affect living skin layers. Cosmetics can and are bound to interact only with dead skins, and in no circumstances should they reach their living layers and, more so, influence them. That's the purpose of cosmetics.

However, in the lower part of the epidermis, there is no " sunflower " , which prevents the entry of substances into the depth of the dermas (in blood vessels and lymph nodes). The existence of an effective exchange between epidermis and derma is confirmed by experimental data. Substances that have overcome a transepiderm barrier, with a certain proportion of probability, are entering the blood and, accordingly, can influence all the body tissues.

клетки эпидермиса корнеоциты и керамиды (церамиды) слои эпидермиса epidermis structure