Из Прибалтики с любовью: натуральная косметика для красоты и здоровья!

Baltic Natural Space

A great cream with some gold you'll feel like goddess... The bathroom ball that feeds the skin and makes it silk... A cream that leaves a fresh aromat and a sense of tenderness... All this is the wonders of Stenders presented in!

Stenders can be gifted with flowers or in themselves. Especially since the range has kits already packed and stolen.

We're working to help you enjoy your loved ones. Stenders is in the range because it's the perfect gift: I'm sure every woman would find something nice in Stenders!

  • This stamp is in 22 countries, but we still have a new one. Hunting for new impressions It's gonna be interesting to try it.
  • The Baltic cosmetologists are actively using the extracts of berries and natural oils. If Girl prefers eco-cosmetics. She's gonna love the Stenders!
  • Women need to feel exceptional.♪ That's why. manual cosmetics With a shade of elitarity (especially cream and helium with 24-carate gold) it's gonna hit the apple.