Натуральная косметика в Серпухове: органическая, био и эко косметика

Serpukh Natural Cosmetics

Benefits of natural cosmetics

The main advantage of natural cosmetics is that it helps skin and hair to preserve the natural balance of fat and moisture, which is an essential condition for their health. Let's see how the natural cosmetics help at all stages of caring for the skin of the face, body, head.

Cleaning is necessary for hair and skin health. However, cheeks that are part of artificial means (e.g. soap) destroy the natural protective nature of the skin, rendering it defenseless in front of the bacteria, causing allergy. Soap and many other powerful cleaning materials violate the balance of fats and moistures, resulting in dry and inclined skins.
Means of grass (e.g. natural cosmetics based on lymone extractures, chickens, cocatus, aloe, jellyfish) purify leather from contamination and cosmetics without breaking its acid-alkali balance. In addition, they feed faces, bodies, heads, supporting the necessary pH.
Many of us use wet creams every day, and we must draw attention to the composition of these tools. The skin absorbs and accumulates these substances, which may result in adverse effects: dryness, texture change, premature ageing.
Travas and plants feed skin without harm, natural cosmetics is the only way to restore softness and ulcerity. For example, the almond is suitable to care for the soft skin around the eye. Apricos contains vitamin, A, which heals the wounds, scatters the wrinkles, restores elasticity. They also feed and moisture the skin of the extra kale, carrots, wheat sharks.
Natural cosmetics are enriched by minerals and vitamins with resining skin. Thus, Natural cosmetics Feeding natural food, contributing to its recovery and rejuvenation.