Натуральная косметика Ульяновск , косметика ульяновск, натуральная

Ulyanovsk Natural Cosmetics

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Gel COFEIN anti-cellulite with active coffee (4 per cent), 200 ml, TM ChocoLatte
GEL COFEIN is an active anti-cellulite complex to correct the figure, turgor and skin.
Contains active coffee (4%), nikotinamide, ginger oils and lime. There's an easy consistance, no oils, instantly absorbed without leaving a fat glacier on the skin.

Opens, tightens the skin, enhances its turgor and elasticity, strengthens the walls of the receptacles, has drained effects, improves blood supply and exchange processes in the membrane of skin, thereby helping to reduce the effects of orange crust.

Composition: Blood, ISOCELL SLIMO (phospholipid complex with active caffeine), potassium glucmannan, nikotinamide, charomix 705, ginger and lima air oils, colloid silver concentrate.

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