Claire de Nature та ЯКА - натуральна косметика ! Вся Україна

Yaka Is A Natural Cosmetics

The phrase "done in Ukraine" doesn't just sound proud, but it's fashionable. This applies in particular to our cosmetics. Father's spirits, creams, lipsticks are must have for each class.

The Ukrainians began a massive renunciation of Russian goods and sought an alternative. Woman's luckier because the Ukrainian cosmetics don't give up foreign cracked brands. And her democrat price is only happy.

That's why we've collected 24 Ukrainian cosmetic brands for you to know!


The Ukrainian organism pays more attention to caring for body and hair. It's not surprising. Our great-grandmothers, thanks to the natural prescriptions, kept their beauty. Romashka, rosemaryin, wheat grotesques are essential components of Ukrainian organic cosmetics.

The Jacques firm has a pleasant bonus: the banners are interestingly formalized - different plants are packed inside. That's a bowl of eye in the bathroom. And the Yaki prices are very democratic, which is equally important during the crisis.

One of the few brands that offers the anti-Age series is Vigor Cosmetique Naturelle. I mean, a woman should be like any age. Vigor also differs from other brands with a series to strengthen receptacles. All Vigor cosmetics are based on clean raw materials and cosmetics plants are grown on special plantations in environmental zones.

Brendy Looky Look is young enough, but he's already proven himself.

Organic Brand offers a series on all the parishes of a modern woman: a series for modeling the figure, for harmony and relaxation, for food and humidity, for increased turmoil, a series of natural Afrodisians. Looky Look didn't forget about men, they have their own special series.

A natural mask specialist is Uspix. Brend is creating all kinds of masks-waste for different types of skin. This cosmetics look delicious.

Brend HerbalSpa describes himself as a combination of useful and pleasant. That's right, the basics of cosmetics are just natural components, the grass aromatics help to relax and think about something nice.

White Mandarin It is already somewhat more expensive than the organic brand, which uses only natural constituents that are perfectly safe and have certificates. Like Vigor offers annti-Age a series. In White Mandarin formulas, there are peptides of wheat and algae extras.