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Chlorist Calcium Pyling Feedback

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To date, chemical calcium chloride calcium pyling remains a relevant and effective way of skin purification, which is also referred to as calcium chloride. It's a long-standing procedure, which, when properly implemented, produces amazing and amazing results. Today, this method is actively promoted by show business stars and actresses, and cosmetologists recommend it to their patients.

Specificities of the procedure

In fact, chloride calcium purification is a procedure you can conduct at home, but the best person can trust a specialist cosmetologist. The word " chemistry " already implies a process and the proportion of its composition must be clearly observed.

It is important to understand that prior to the beginning of the purification session, a test should be carried out that would show that allergic reactions and possible skin irritation. It's best to have a procedure tonight, since there may be little paint after completion.

I think a lot of people have had this kind of session, and they know what it is. household It's worth a lot of money. Certainly, the salon will have to pay a certain amount, but for security purposes, the funds spent are justified.

Each pharmacy sells a normal 10 per cent chloride solution, so it's not hard to buy it for domestic use. You're also gonna need a vat disk and a baby soap. It's best to use children, because there's no additives, painters and so on.

After the pyling's end, you'll be able to feel skin smoothness through the removal of the dead horn. In general, calcium chloride for a person is an effective means, resulting in:

  1. Clouds are cleaned
  2. Skin condition improves, regardless of type (liver, normal or combined)
  3. Inflammatory processes are decreasing
  4. The smallest pimps.
  5. Leather lights.

In addition, such cleaning is better mechanical, but without undesirable consequences, it is better to comply with the basic rules.

Removal of chloride cells with soap foam

When chloride calcium pyling is performed, a special solution shall be applied in the process by means of a cotton disc or napkin. After full drying, the procedure should be repeated until there is a sense of easy skiing and tightening. Typically, three or four layers are required. The most important rule in this case is to avoid an area above the upper lip and around the eye.