Пилинг с аспирином в домашних условиях

Piling Aspirin Feedback

The outcome of these procedures depends on how you prepare and what you will do after.

If you want a 100 per cent conversion after you go to the cosmetologist, prepare to give up some nice things and take into account the medical nuances. These restrictions depend on the degree of aggressive intervention, clinical characteristics, the time of the year when you go to procedure, climatic features and many others.

Chemical Piling

Such a plan usually does not require special preparatory activities. In some cases, it is recommended that special training tools be used to strengthen the outcome.

Attention needs to be drawn to the time after the procedure. Special humidizing post-piling tools are recommended to enhance skin reproduction and regeneration capacity and to restore water balance.

The sun should be excluded for the first seven to ten days after the procedure. It is mandatory to use sun protection regularly. In doing so, rather than aggressive composition and impact pyling on skinthe higher the sunset.

The perfect time for the chemical pyling is intersensone when solar activity is reduced. But now there are so-called all-season pilings.


Botulinotherapy is one of the most popular defensive procedures. It is not recommended that some antibiotics (thetracycles, aminoglysis) be accepted within 3 months after the procedure.

Two weeks before the botulinotherapy, and within three weeks after evade blood-living drugs (aspirin, heparin, barfarin). Alcohol, sauna and solar should be avoided within 10 to 14 days after the procedure.

You mean you can't lie down before four hours after the botulinotherapy ends. If the effect is to be most pronounced, it is necessary to actively move the mimical muscles within 30 to 60 minutes of intervention.

Contour plastics

This modeling procedure is as popular as the previous one. Limitations depend on the drug area. As with any other injection procedures, it is not recommended to accept aspirin and other blood-living drugs before and after the procedure.