Безопасные шампуни для волос

Hazardous Hair Shampoos

Как выбрать мягкий шампунь для волосThe rightly picked soft shampoo is not just beauty, but a healthy appearance of hair. Flying, beautiful, cooling wools attract the attention of others, give confidence and good mood.

Choice of champoo type.

Шампунь для жирных волос «Белая глина и Жасмин»The champoo selection takes into account the characteristics of the hair type. All cosmetics are subdivided into normal, dry, fat and painted and damaged buckles.

Champoo for normal hair. Normal hair is rare enough. They're glitter, elastic, have the same colour and thickness all over the length, do not end up, remain clean until 4-5 days. The hair of this type does not need additional care, as some additives may escalate them and strip them. To preserve a healthy external type of hair, the shampoo shall be soft and the additives used shall be protective.

Dry hair cap. Dry hair is fractured and there's no glitter.Шампунь для сухих волос «Молочко карите и мед» They tend to be hard to scratch and sew on tips. The champoo consists of proteins and wet components, as well as special substances that make the oves more smooth and elastic.

Bold hair cap. For the fat type of hair, there's a rapid salinization of the roots and an inaccurate species. In this situation, when choosing the shampoo, the primary factor is its ability to regulate the salmon secrecy activity. The funds do not contain oil additives and are highly acidic. Hair champoos may include anti-microb components and arc substances that have a beneficial effect on skin.

Champoo for the painted hair. When the hair is painted, special, especially soft care, is required. When leaving, a regenerative soft shampoo can be used for a hair with a pH-balanced composition containing wet and nutrient components.

Choice of champoo composition

No paraben. When selecting safe shampoos for hair, it is important that they do not contain parabins - complex airs of para-hydroxybensic acid. Paradise as part of the hair champoos are quickly passing through the epiderm barrier; long-term use may accumulate in epidermis and wooden skin.

Шампунь для окрашенных волос «Голубика и масло сафлора» Шампунь для нормальных волос «Лён и молочко сладкого миндаля»