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In-Kind Soap

Despite the development of soap in Ukraine, quality natural soap base in a cold way It's not that simple. What if you think about making soap in the home, if the base for soap is basically nothing different from the soap we're used to?

The chemistry lab at home can afford to do a lot more than every natural amateur. The combination of alkali with oil, the process of further extraction and drying of the product makes the creation of a natural soap in household Very difficult. So the soap manufacturers make it taste good, claiming it's natural! The inscription " done in England or Germany " facilitates the process of sale without a complaint or statement.

Production technology:

1. Baseline oil + 2. NaOH chip = natural solid soap base.

1. Baseline oil + 2. CODH chip = natural liquid soap base.

Where, 1. The base of the preparation shall be such vegetable oils that have good foam and cure properties, and their cost is small: coconut butter, refined, palmoyard oil, refined, olive oil of the first compression, etc. However, would you mind if there was palm oil in the product? His world practice is mixed, so it's better not to use it at all.

There is no or little wet-based liver! Therefore, vegetable oil and brush are combined so that there is room for addition:

  • the butter of the first cold push-up, pumpkin, lion, sodium, etc.
  • utility: juice, weld, weed, honey, etc.
  • Dry components: medicinal grass, cosmetics, coffee, specialties.

When the natural vegetation soap is created in the home, the components are added by the author as he wishes and in the proportions he chooses. It can be argued that, as a result, the creation of a truly natural home-ownership soap for its own use can be expected. Not for sale! Since the soap, even from the natural soap base, cannot replace the process of creating a natural vegetation soap from zero!