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Best Face Piling

Лучший пилинг для лица

Piling salt for face

How many different procedures have been devised to look after skin! Creams, lotions, tonics, masks, scrubs, pilings, you can't tell. And the words... Like a pyling, what is it? It's a leather purification procedure, whispering. It's natural components, small fragmented fruit bones, salt or soda mixed with oil or cream. You can make it on your own or buy it ready. We have a special pyling salt from the algae of laminaria, and that's probably it!

Once again, the Mowka mermaid was resting on the seashore. She had a little sea sand, splashed out of the algae and chatted with a blue fish that was swimming in the small sea.

♪ Fish, what other secrets are beauty secrets at sea king's daughters?

♪ Well, for example, they take the sea sand, mix it with the algae and brush their cheeks. Do you know what they're doing in the dark and beautiful way?

♪ Oh! I have sand and algae! I'll do it now, and I'll be the most beautiful in the White Sea.

I kept this recipe until our days. It's just now that it's easier to make, it's all hidden in the same jar.

The salt from algae is the best face piling.

Growing salt is the best face piling

The White Sea algae is beautiful! They've absorbed all the most useful from sea water. It's a whole skin treasure: iodine, minerals, vitamins, fat and alginates. This allows for real magic cosmetics from algae. Among them are piling salt. This! It is completely natural, natural, the whole use of sea water and algae.

Composition of pyling salt from algae

The composition of the pyling salt is as simple as the entire cosmetics of our algae. It's a mineral concentration of laminarium (in other words, salt with algae) and sodium alginate (which is the most wonderful thing in algae). No preservatives and aromatizers. So salt smells of algae and is stored for a very short period of 12 months.

How do you use piling salt?

That, and you can use it differently.

For example, for skin purification, put laminarium butter on your face, bury your fingertips in the pyling salt, and gently give your skin. See the warm water and complete the beauty of the Laminaria cream.