Подставка для косметики своими руками

Cosmetics Delivery By Hand

The Internet Machine of the Frieders.ru is carrying out a wide range of materials and products to create cosmetics at home. Here, you will find everything for the manufacture of whip-bombs in the bathtub, soap, dry ovens, massage oils and creams, and many others. We offer not only raw materials (cosmetical oils, showers, glynes of all kinds and varieties, dry colours, fruit extraction, vitamins, cleaned water, wax, painters, etc.), but also inventories to work on the creation of domestic cosmetics - squirrels, shapes, carpets, special carpets, and sticks,

The different choice of aromatic oils and dry ingredients for cosmetic mixtures will allow you not just to make your masterpieces, buying everything you need in one place, but to experiment with your composition, color, aromatomy.

We guarantee 100 per cent of the natural composition of the proposed raw materials, which will lead to the creation of environmentally sound and efficient cosmetics and perfume at home, lip balsams, bath bombs, spirits, aromatic sands, natural masks for skin and hair, pulp control, cream, soap.

We're also offering ready kits for soap, spirits, snitches. With them, even as a newcomer in this case, you can easily prepare simple means to raise your mood and get tired. For example, you can buy suitable forms to make a few minutes of boiling bombs for bathing. After them, the skin will be smooth, soft and aromatic, and the pleasure of using them can be compared to the visit of the SPA-Salon!

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