Пять марок натуральной испанской косметики, которые стоит себе

It Is True That The Natural Cosmetics Of The Stamp

Good natural cosmetics isn't necessarily expensive. There is, however, a good natural cosmetics for all price categories.

First, it is important to understand that not all the products of Natura Siberia are certified as natural or organic cosmetics. Although there are many excellent natural and safe products in the Natura Siberica range, some products do contain undesirable, unnatural ingredients, even microplastics in the form of cheap polyethylene or acrylate. Therefore, to be sure that the product is natural, I recommend that you read very carefully the list of ingredients if the product does not have eco-certificate (e.g. Cosmos natural of ICEA, BDIH, Soil Association or Ecocert, see www. )

First, remember that most Natura Siberica products are not imported natural cosmetics, but domestic.

Second, they are followed by a large mass-marketer (GBP) that has the advantage of economies, such as the purchase of raw materials, infrastructure, sales, etc.

Third, for pricing There's a natural cosmetics. their reasons, which influence the end price of the store, for example, marketing strategies with a high cost of advertising.

Many Natura Siberica products have a logo of certified natural cosmetics, which means that the product does not contain petroleum products, synthetic paints and aromatizers, and a whole series of poorly transportable components. But organizations that certify natural cosmetics only define a minimum standard that leaves manufacturers greater discretion in the prescription and quality of certain components. It can be used to produce a particularly high-quality product based on expensive raw materials or low-quality low-cost. It can only be seen in a composition that is usually printed in small letters. However, natural ingredients from certified organic farms are much more expensive than conventional ones.