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The Most Natural Cosmetics In The World

First, let us figure out what kind of skin care is natural and what it means. The most natural and ecologically clean cosmetics are 95 per cent of natural components, do not contain paraffin, mineral oil, silicones, painters and GMOs. Animal testing is mandatory and is desirable from ingredients purchased under fair trade rules (the programme supporting farmers in the third world). The natural cosmetics are considered after the process of eco-certification: USDA Organic, EcoCert, ICEA, BDIH, Cosmebio or Cosmos.

In the Russian mass market, the Marches of Natura Siberica and its organic Shop, Melvita and Weleda are popular, and all have certificates of purity and relevance to production.

Frequent Natural cosmetics There is a multifunctionality and continuity of traditions. For example, the American soap Dr. Bronner’s, which has been in existence since 1800, can be washed at the same time, the skin of a child and even a neighbour, and the ILIA decorative cosmetics can be applied to the lips, cheeks and sculps at the same time. The recovery of skin protection barriers and the fight against free radicals through antioxidants are good trends for natural resources. These are known interesting Pure Love and Grown Alchemist, which are well suited to young skin and life in the big city.

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