крем для тела c лавандой

Body Cream

How to do your first cream: practical advice

Cream is a half-time emulsion, a mixture of oil and water. There are two types of emulsion: water in oil when the smallest parts of the oil are surrounded by molecules of water, and oil and water when the drops of water are surrounded by molecules of oil.

Three whales of any cream:

Water phase: water, hydrolat, mineral water, weld, tea, etc.

Furniture phase: vegetable oils, special emulgator for cream or wax, lanolin, lecytin. Special emulsion cream is easier in the job, creates a more stable emulsion, has the right texture.

Active phase: these are additional components that may contain your cream. Active cosmetic components, plant estrates, air oils, conservatives.

It's good to keep home creamif you didn't use the conservative?

  • Make sure the cream is safe from the bacteria. The cream bun must be tightly closed.
  • Right after your construction, put the cream in the fridge and keep it there.
  • Make a cream label, specifying the date of manufacture. It will only allow you to use fresh cream.
  • Bunny cream needs a pure spaul, not fingers. So the cream stays fresh.
  • You can freeze a small portion of the cream in the freezer, and take the required number as necessary.

Before you begin:

  • It's easier to create emulsions like water in oil. For the first attempt, it is better to take a prescription in which the fat phase exceeds the water (more than water).
  • Start with 3-4 ingredients. It would make it easier for you to understand the process and avoid mistakes.
  • Don't get down! Tightly mix the emulsion until it's cold. It can be done with a little break.
  • Remember, the water and oil you'll mix must have the same temperature.
  • For water and hydrolats, welded tea from the Roma, Kalandula, green tea, etc. can be used.
  • Most additional components (active components, air oil, canned) should be added when the cream is cold.