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Creme Against Pulp

We're fighting orange crust for a year round, but with the coming of the battle season, it's getting harder to walk in the trousers at the office hot and on the beach.

The doctor dermatologist and expert from Vichy Helena Eliseev's labs told me how to provoke pululululitis from men, how best to fight him, and that, apart from a long skirt, it would help hide him.

By definition

The prefaced orange crust is scientifically called lystrophies, but by the old habit, we use the word pululululitis (in fact, it presupposes a much worse symptom). He's got four phases that are diagnosed by appearance and sense. The first tiers have almost everyone's balls, it's a little bit of creativity and the appearance of the bulbs when you squeeze the skin. In the second stage, the unevenness is already visible at a simple leg stress, and the eggs and hips are like a water mattress or a smear: the skin loses turmoil, and inside feels like something bakes. In the third stage, the shortcomings are already visible in peace and there is a sense of pain in the hands of the warehouses (which have already appeared). In the fourth, it's gonna hurt to sit, and the overall derma sensitivity is diminishing, so you can unnoticulate the corners of the tables and then surprisingly detect bruises. The last two stages are a clinical case: if something starts to get sick, we have to go to a specialist. In other cases, the problem can and should be self-employed. The lack of visible signs is no reason to relax. If you're out of school age, it's time to start defending yourself.

Risk area

Microcirculation deterioration

One of the main causes of pulp is the disruption of tissue blood supply and the deterioration of lymphotoca. So it can be triggered by a sitting lifestyle (especially when we roll the leg on the leg) and driving the car, when we drive, there is a constant static stress of one leg, and high heels and narrow boats. Another harmful thing is the low-key jeans, they're very much in the pubic bones zone, which also does not encourage blood circulation. For the same reason, there is no need to wear thin strings, which, among other things, do not perform the main function of underwear - hygienic. Venorologists don't approve of such cowards and believe they can only be deliberately put on for one purpose, so they can be removed soon.

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