Кремушки для рук от Лорен Косметик* / Отзывы и свотчи о косметике

Lauren Is A Hand Cream

Your hands speak eloquently about the woman's age. It is here that a thin, virtually stripped, subcutaneous cage, exposed to the aggressive effects of leather, starts to collapse early and loses turmoil. Specialized hand cosmetics Intensively humid, feeds, whisperes soft skin, improves microcirculation of blood, stimulates toxic withdrawal and regeneration, protects against environmental hazards.

Funds for integrated hand care


  • Liquid and solid soap.
  • Cleaning and anti-septic helium.
  • Tonisizing, humidizing, nutrient and resinating creams, lotions, oils.
  • The bleaching cosmetics.
  • Scrubs and pilings.
  • Pit masks.
  • Means of caring for skin around nails.
  • Hydrocarbon cosmetics based on natural components.

Handwriting at best prices

On our Internet store, you can buy funds for professional care of your hands and feet with delivery to Moscow and Russia. The selection and ordering of the poisoned product was even easier with a multi-layer search filter system and an extended personal office function. A good loyalty programme is in place for permanent clients. You can get an order in the nearest L'Etual retailer or the courier shipment.

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