Комодик для косметики своими руками фото — Восточный базар

The Cosmetics Room With Its Hands From The Tree

Hello, everyone in fashion!

My name is Nastya.

Today I want to share with you my creation. This comedian has been keeping a lot of my creativity for almost a year and a half.


Make a comedian. with your hands. - The only option is if there's no match in stores and the one that likes 60,000 roubles. ♪ ♪

I've been meaning to have a very long time ago, so I thought I'd try to do it myself.

Preparing the project, drawings, writing it all over the shelves and the store.

At the store, from the stella to the stella, on the list: boards, paints, paints, cartoons, nails, snoopers.

Size is strictly individual.

My comedian got a little, W92-S100-G36.

Let's start naturally with "cross."

Since I painted it all straight, I did it like a half-cream, a half-cop.

The nail came out with the legs. I couldn't figure out the height. I'll paint it.

After all, we're drinking a lobster. I've been drinking myself because the man is at work, and I want to go faster.

But now I'm dealing with lobster fists.

I solved it. Komod, drawers. Ready.

I had a little skin. It's the edge. It's like "detected species" by legend.

Where you needed it, the snoopers slapped.

Now I'm dining the dress. It's a corny, a tree.

On the torch, the decoration nails hit. It's not scary, it's not scary, but it's an old-fashioned mosquito.

Next, the chocolate mosquito is the acrylic paint brown, and it looked like a melted chocolate... A little crazy.

When all this stuff went down, the edges turned a candle, and then the fantasy was enough.

She covered all the acrylic white paint.

I'm gathering it all together: boxes on balloon guides.

Now the patience phase is to make the trafaret.

- They'll steal the facade and the coconuts.

The paint took the purple, reminding of the colored lavand on the fields of Provans.

Well, the most interesting and creative thing is the old comod. Three, hit, we're packing.

Then she gave the comedian a good dry and covered with the claws.