Химический пилинг – природное омоложение кожи - рецепты - видео

Him Piling

Как часто делать пилинг?More than a year ago, I wrote an article of the chemistry piling: what is it with? Since then, you have sent many questions about this procedure, often repeated. And the comments were too much to find anything in them. So I decided to write an article with answers to frequently asked questions.

Before you ask me a question, you'll study it carefully. If you don't find what you care about, leave a comment under the article.

1. When and at what age can a pylingi be made?

All types of pylings are produced during the inactive sun, i.e. from the beginning of October to the end of March, in the northern latitudes of April.

Чем умываться после химического пилинга?Any other Cosmetological procedures, including pylings, you can do 18 years if you have a statement.

But teenagers can do the same with parental consent if they have a statement.

2. How often can a pylingi be made?

Surface pylings are provided in 3-6 of the 7-10-day procedure. One procedure per month can then be followed to maintain the result or repeat the course every six months, a year.

The pylings are issued in 1-3 of the 21-28-day procedure. The course is held once a year.

3. What are you gonna do when you start doing this, and what do you do to your face after a pyling?

After a superficial piling, you can be whacked in 24 hours, as soon as there's a sense of leather hair and face, it's shiny as if it's a tape.

Можно ли отдирать пленки после химического пилинга?After a mid-point piling, you can be whacked in 48 hours, as soon as there's a strong sense of pull and the face was covered by a crust or a film.

You may be washed with any normal means: helmet or pencil, but the melting equipment shall not contain abrasive particles.

After both species chemical pyling on the face You can use Pantenol Spray or the means you've been assigned by a doctor.

4. Can I take the tapes and crusts off?

I don't want them to get away! The process of obsolescence must be gradual and without your participation.

If you're prevented from freely chattering the edges of the already devastated film, just carefully cut their manicure scissors.

I don't want the tape to go faster! You don't have to accelerate the process because you're risking trouble with your face, but it's lower.

Repeat, don't use scrubs! If the hands are jamming, put them behind your back so you don't reach your face!

If it's like you accidentally ripped the crust, don't panic, just put Pantenol Spray on this place as much as possible, and call the doctor, tell him.

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