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Piling Around The Eye

Piling is a cosmetic procedure that aims to encourage skin regeneration, which is silent and improves its appearance.

There are many varieties of pyling procedure. It is classified in relation to localization (both, face, eye-to-face piling), exposure mechanism (mechanical, chemical, ultrasonic pyling, etc.) and penetration depth (deep, medium and surface).

Enerpeel is an innovative piling around the eye.

What do you need to know about pyling for your skin around your eyes?

It's a very small zone that is easily age-appropriate and requires specific care. The pylings in this area are used by special, dishonourable means, which nevertheless fulfil the basic objectives of the cosmetic procedure without affecting it.

Open up low prices for beauty!

One of these is the line of drugs from an Italian manufacturer - Enerpeel

The advantage of this fund is that it has much less negative consequences, but very effective. Painting and stunting is the normal reaction of the organism to the piling, but using Enerpeel, this response will be minimal. It will therefore be possible to return to the normal way of life, but now with a shining and young species.

" Enerpeel " is a new generation of piling that will remove small age and mimical wrinkles around the eyes, dryness and skin pigmentation, and, in combination with some other procedures, remove dark circles under the eyes.

How's the eye piling going?

Enerpeel is a gel for eye piling, with a special appliator to facilitate its introduction.

  • Before pyling, the skin around the eyes is purified by special cosmetics to deflect it and normalize acidity.
  • Then, for a short period of time (up to a few minutes), there is a pyling on the skin around the eye.
  • After the procedure, a special mask and cream shall be placed on the treated zone, thus reducing the irritating effects of pylings and achieving a better impact on the procedure.

Principle chemical pyling around the eye of the Enerpeel influencing the skin effects of the metered and metered acids. Active chemicals cause a slight burn of the superficial layer of skin which will soon be obscured. This allows for speeding up the collagine, increasing the elasticity of the skin and bringing it to the tone.

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